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:bulletblack: 5/26/12, 2:45 PM CDT: Installer problem SOLVED.

:bulletblack: 5/25/12, 5:36 PM CDT:

Last update for now.

A DAZ rep replied to my Wednesday email, suggesting to delete browser cache & cookies and reset  the download count.  That was supposed to give me new installers.  I tried all that and the installers still don't run.  I even tried downloading them with Internet Explorer, but to no avail.

I'm just going to give up on this for a while and hope another solution can be found by next week.  I don't want to sound any more sour than I probably have been already.

It just means that the next time there's a major website upgrade, I'm going to buy/download what I need in advance.

:bulletblack: 5/25/12, 7;23 AM CDT:  Found another DAZ forum thread about the installer .exes not running.

:bulletblack: 5/24/12, 6:38 PM CDT.  Added link to DAZ forum comment about the .exe's not running.


A week ago, DAZ rolled out their website changes with new e-commerce engine.  Now, I've been as faithful a customer for them as anyone else, but I'm having a serious concern about this rollout.

Problems with navigating the site and sale prices not showing an expiration date aside, what REALLY bugs me is that after downloading a couple of items that I bought last night they would NOT install.

I double-clicked the .exe's as usual, but they did  NOTHING.  I tried redownloading them, scanning them for viruses/malware, and even rebooting my computer.  Nothning worked.  For a while I was thinking that somehow I got some really bad malware that Norton or Malwarebytes couldn't handle.  Anyway, after going through the forums this morning I found that at least one other person had the same problem.  

Last night I sent an email to customer service, since their support ticket system was still not up.  If I don't hear from them by tomorrow, I'm going to call them.

On a related note: has anyone heard about Universal Extractor?  Someone on the DAZ forums suggested trying this to extract the files from the .exes.
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May 24, 2012